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A gurgling river, chirping birds, a himalayan cliff that rises majestically a few thousand feet – and no sign of humanity. Some places cannot be described by words they need poetry. Soulitude by the Riverside is one such place. A place that is black and white – a place you will love and give a perfect 10 and want to come again and again or just say this is not my kind of place. I give it a perfect 10.

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Always on the lookout for offbeat locations it was by pure chance that I bookmarked “ Soulitude in the Himalayas” many month back.

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Fresh mountain air, spectacular snow-studded views, long nature walks and warm hospitality—Soulitude in the Himalayas has just the right amount of ambience for a laidback vacation in the hills. Miles away from the chaos of the city, this hillside vacation home offers a luxurious getaway in the lap of nature.

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There are home stays and then there are home stays. Soulitude of course falls into the latter category. A jewel of a place nestled in the Kumaon Himalayas on a peaceful hill in Gagar (enroute Mukteshwar), Soulitude luxuriously takes you into the lap of nature. Situated close to the hustle bustle of the ever crowded hill-station of Nainital, this home cum resort is a discovery for most of the overworked city folks like me. The place is so serene, relaxing & hospitable that we, along with the kids, dropped the idea of visiting Nainital and take in the beauty of this place … though we still wished we could stay another day and then another.

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Soulitude | Payal

Ever been to a hotel that doesn’t feel like a hotel? And in a good way. The perks are there: room service, delicious and varied food, someone to look after your every need, to fulfill your every wish. Someone to pick up the towels and change the bed linen, to give you hot cups of tea after your long, chilly trek to the peak of the mountain, which anyway is just a day’s walk away.

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Mini Mathur On Diving, Travelling & Her 8 Hands

What’s your home away from home?

‘Soulitude by the Himalayas’ and ‘Soulitude by the Riverside’! These are not just my summer havens but these are the places where I want to be when the world ends.



Mountain getaway

Ramgarh’s idyllic beauty cast its spell on none other than Rabindranath Tagore and it’s easy to see why, says Prerna Raturi

One reason for that is Soulitude, a lovely holiday home in Gagar, Ramgarh. Initially built as a getaway for its owner, Manish Chandra, and his friends, Soulitude now takes guests, although the marketing is selective and there are no deals offered through travel portals or agents. The property gives you a 180 view of the stunning Kumaon Himalayas. And of course, there is food, glorious food — everything from Indian and Chinese to continental and Italian. Fresh produce is from Chandra’s organic farm nearby.

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10 Boutique Himalayan Village Getaways Off the Beaten Track

Evocatively named Soulitude nourishes the soul with abundant tranquility, mesmerizing views, and scrumptious cuisine prepared with ingredients from the organic orchard. Perched on a quiet hillside, it has 10 rooms and suites. Choose the rustic style Bliss suite, with fireplace, sunken bathtub, and skylights for stargazing. Or, if you prefer extra privacy, the Nirvana suite has its own entrance away from the main building. A day trip to Soulitude by the Riverside (a 45 minutes drive from Ramgarh, followed by a 30 minute hike through a tiny mountain village) is highly recommended. This restored rural home, adjoining a glacial stream and natural rock pool, also offers two bedrooms for guests who wish to stay there.

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TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, has released a ranking of Top 20 Snow View Hotels in India as rated by TripAdvisor travelers in India and around the world. These are essentially hotels or accommodations located in the states which witness snowfall and offer a view of beautiful snow capped mountains.

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The Himalayan Village near Manali, Soulitude at Gagar (Ramgarh, Nainital district) and Two Chimneys near Gethia (also in Nainital) are among the few boutique hotels that are popular this season, according to Trip Advisor.

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