The Cottage

The Cottage at Soulitude has 3 guest rooms (Joy, Delight and Celebration), a study, dining and a living room that are internally connected, and can be extended to include 4th guest room (Nirvana) that is externally connected.

the rooms are:

Joy: This room is decorated in warm and inviting hues of rust and yellows. A hand-painted ceiling and an old fashioned fireplace* add to the charm of this room. Joy has great views of the Himalayas.

Delight: This room is decorated in warm and inviting hues of rust and yellows. A large skylight and an old fashioned fireplace* make this room a cheerful place to be in. It has wonderful views of the Himalayas and you can step out to a wooden deck….. reading a book on the “jack-n-jill” two seater under the apple tree is a sheer delight!

Celebration: This lovely room is decorated in soft pinks and lilac. Its most attractive when the morning sun streams in, drenching the 4 poster bed and the room with it’s warm comforting rays. The Himalayan views are best appreciated lazing on a lounger on the deck outside the celebration room, which is also the perfect place to soak in the sun, the breeze, the view and celebrate all that Nature has to offer.

The cottage has a cosy living room with great views. Done up in whites, blues and greens, the decor of this room tries to capture it’s pristine surroundings in an effort to bring a little bit of the outdoors – indoors ! For those who might be looking to catch up with a movie or news by the fireside, there is a home theater system with a flat screen TV.

There is an open kitchen (not in use) and a dining table adjacent to the living room. However, meals are only served in the main dining room.

The study on the first floor is ‘soul’ of this cottage – with a fully sky-lit roof, this room is bathed in sunlight from the very first rays to the very last. This delightful little room with an old fashioned desk and bukhari has a gorgeous view of the Himalayas. The picture book setting is the perfect perch for all those seeking to get inspired ! Its sure to encourage you to write that book or work on the next film script.

Nirvana: Situated at the highest point of the property, Nirvana suite has an independent entrance. The unique 2-way open fireplace* warms the living room and the bedroom together while the colours and patterns integrate both spaces harmoniously. The suite’s elevation provides unique views of the Himalayan peaks, the valley and the forest and its skylights gets the best of the morning sunshine. Its connected to a private deck and the living room has a sofa-bed for children.


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* In line with fire safety requirements, fireplaces are only operated in common areas by the staff and are not operational in guest rooms.